Preliminary Schedule, Transnational Law & Institutions Fall Semester 2017

Updated 2017-06-22. Only the first weeks of the course are included, the schedule will be supplemented.

Mandatory events are marked with an asterisk

Day Time Room Subject Group Teacher
Mon. Aug 28 10-12 S307 Course Introduction and Registration All MD
Thur. Aug 31 14-16 S311 Lecture: Understanding the European Union All ESP
Fri. Sep 1 13-16 S304 Lecture: The Civil Law Tradition All JL
Mon. Sep 4 10-12 Lecture: Understanding the CJEU and its case law All MD
13-15 Lecture: Union Competences and their relationship to fundamental rights All MD
Tue. Sep 5 13-15 S304 Seminar: The Common Law Tradition * All ESP
Wed. Sep 6 8-10 Seminar: Institutions and Legislative Processes * A ESP
10-12 (assignment due by Tue. Sep 5 at 7 pm) B ESP
Thur. Sep 7 13-15 s304 Seminar: The Judiciary and other legal institutions * All JL
Mon. Sep 11 10-12 Seminar: Fundamental Rights in the EU * B MD
13-15 (assignment due by Fri. Sep 8 at 7 pm) A MD
Tue. Sep 12 13-15 S304 Seminar: Law and Legal Sources * All MD
Thur. Sep 14 13-15 S506 Lecture: Statutory Interpretation All MD


S***      Social Science Building
Ub***   University Library Building


ESP     Elizabeth Stuart Perry 
JL       Jan Leidö 
MD     Mattias Derlén 

Sidansvarig: Sofia Strömgren