Transnational Law and Institutions, 15.0 Credits

About the course

The course introduces students to law beyond the nation state. This consists particularly of three parts: (i) the interaction between national legal systems, including comparative law, (ii) supranational and private legal orders, and (iii) bilateral and multilateral cooperations. The course will introduce students to theory and method, as well as substantive and procedural law.

Level of Education: Advanced

Welcome to the Fall Semester 2017

Introduction and Registration

The course starts with introduction and registration on Monday, August 28, at 10.15 in room S307 in the House of Social Science. If you are unable to participate at that time but intend to take the course please contact me before August 28. 


The teaching will consist of lectures and seminars, as well as self-studies. As part of the writing of the individual paper (essay) supervision will be offered. Participating students are required to carefully study all distributed texts and cases before each seminar. Further instructions on the requirements for each seminar will be handed out as the course proceeds. All teaching and literature will be in the English language. 


For the course material see the link on the right. 


Examination takes place through fulfilment of two parts, partly compulsory course elements, partly writing, presenting and defending an individual paper. For details see the syllabus (link on the right).


I am academically responsible for the course. If you have any problems or questions of academic nature, you can e-mail me at or call me at (+46) 090-786 92 32. Katarina Lundqvist is the course secretary and handles all administrative questions. You can e-mail her at or call her at (+46) 090-786 88 28. 

Sidansvarig: Sofia Strömgren