Introduction to Swedish Law

You have been admitted to the course Introduction to Swedish Law for the spring semester of 2018. My name is Erik Persson and I am the teacher primarily responsible for the academic administration of the course. I hope that this letter will answer the most frequent questions you might have. If you have some additional queries, do not hesitate to contact me by any of the means listed at the bottom of this page. Also, make sure to regularly check the course website, available through Cambro, You will access that page shortly after your registration on the first activity on the course, the "Introduction" by utilizing your umu-id, which you should by then already have been issued. In case you have problems to log on to Cambro after your registration you could  contact our IT-support unit at: or by phone 090-786 63 00.

What will you learn?

You will get a general overview of the Swedish legal system with emphasis on the sources of law and legal methods. A few areas of material law will be presented manily as examples of the construction of both private and public law. The private law will be covered more extensively. Some comparisons will be done with the legal system of other countries.

As the schedule shows, teaching is conducted through lectures and seminars. Attendance on seminars is  obligatory!  From that  it is obvious that the much of the learning will be taking place in connection with the seminars, which requires you to take a great deal of responsibility in the learning process and that is not limited to the actual seminar itself. Thorough preparations are necessary in order to understand the discussions duringf the seminars. At the start of the course you will be divided into working groups of about 4 students. In these gruops you should  together before the seminars prepare  the tasks which are to be dealt with later on.

To be able to follow the course you will need the course textbook. Carlson, Laura; The Fundamentals of Swedish Law, Studentlitteratur, second edition 2012 which you can acquire through a book shop and Laura Carlson, (Editor): Swedish Law in Context. Cases and Materials 2012/213, which will be distributed by the Department of Law through the Cambro.    You must have obtained this material before the first seminar. A consolidated copy of the Treaties, specifically (1) the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and (2) the Treaty on European Union (TEU), both of which must have been updated through the Treaty of Lisbon (in force since December 1, 2009). You can buy printed copies of these treaties at most bookstores and online. A printed copy can also be bought from the Umeå University Print & Media, located in Förvaltningshuset (the Administration Building), open 08.00-16.00 weekdays except during lunch, 11.30-12.30. The Treaties can also be downloaded free of charge from the website of the European Union: Note: to bring your copy of these Treaties into the final exam you must have “clean” copies, without added notes (though highlighting is OK), so think about that before you buy a version in a book that also includes material which cannot be brought into the exam. As reference for parts of the course  you could use the book: Swedish Legal System by Michael Bogdan (Editor). Norstedts Juridik AB, 2010.

The grade of the course is entirely determined through a written exam at the end of the course. The date for the exam is Thursday March 15, 2018. An opportunity for reexamination will be given Saturday April 28, 2018. To the examination you are only allowed to bring an uncommented version of the Swedish Law in Context Cases and Materials 2012/2013 texts of law and the  EC and EU Treaties (i.e. without any notes or remarks) in paper form and a general, non-legal English paper dictionary.

Introduction & Registration
Course registration takes place on Tuesday, January 16, 2018,  at 12.15- 13.00  in seminar room Ub 333. This room is located on the second floor in the University Library Building (Universitetsbiblioteket) adjacent to the  the Social Science Building (Samhällsvetarhuset). If you are unable to participate at that time but intend to follow the course, please contact the course administrator as soon as possible.

I am academically responsible for the course. If you have any problems or questions of academic nature, you can e-mail me at or call me at (+46) 090-786 56 67. Katarina Lundqvist  is the course adminstrator and handles all administrative questions. Her e-mail address is and you can call her at (+46) 090-786 88 28.


Erik Persson and Katarina Lundqvist

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