Preliminary Schedule EU Constitutional Law

Fall Semester 2017 (Updated 2017-09-24) Mandatory activities marked with *

Day Time Room Subject Group Teacher
Wed, Nov 1 13–14 S304 Introduction & Registration All MD
Part I. History and Structure
Wed, Nov 1 14-16 S304 Lecture 1: What is EU Law and How is it Different? All MD
Mon, Nov 6 13–15 S304 Seminar 1: How did we end up here? The development of the European Union * All MD
Wed, Nov 8 13–15 S304 Seminar 2: Supremacy – The Union Perspective * All MD
Mon, Nov 13 10-12 S506 Seminar 3: Supremacy – The National Perspective * All MD
Part II. Powers, Institutions and Procedures
Thur, Nov 16 10-12 S304 Seminar 4: The European Court of Justice: Judicial or Political Institution * All MD
Mon, Nov 20 15-17 S304 Seminar 5: Regulatory Competence * All  MLÖ
Wed, Nov 22 10-12 S301 Seminar 6: Decision Making and Judicial Review * All MLÖ
Mon, Nov 27 13-16 S505 Lecture 2: EU and International Law All PH
Tue, Nov 28 10-12 S505 Lecture 3: External Powers of the EU All PH
13-15 S505 Seminar 7: BREXIT - How and Why? * All PH
Part III. Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Principles
Tue, Dec 5 13-15 S506 Seminar 8: Semi-Horizontal What? Grades of Legal Effect * All MD
Fri, Dec 8 10-12 S505 Lecture 4: Fundamental Rights - Introduction and Overview All MD
Tue, Dec 12 10-12 S304 Seminar 9: Fundamental Rights - Not so fundamental after all?* All MD
13-15 S304 Lecture 5: The Evolving Concept of Union Citizenship All SI
15-16 S304 Exam Information (Essay Question is presented) All MD
Sun, Jan 14 12.00 Written essay is due 


Information will follow later on.

S - Samhällsvetarhuset

PH - Pär Hallström, Emeritus Professor of Law, Umeå
MD - Mattias Derlén, Professor of Law, Umeå
SI - Staffan Ingmanson, Senior Lecturer in Law, Umeå
MLÖ - Marja-Liisa Öberg, Senior Lecturer in Law, Örebro

Sidansvarig: Sofia Strömgren


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