Course Literature Fall Semester 2018

Course Literature Fall Semester 2018

For Basic European Union Law, 7.5 credits, 2018, Fall Semester.

Determined by Mattias Derlén, academically responsible teacher, on 2018-06-20:

Robert Schütze, An Introduction to European Law, Second Edition (Cambridge University Press 2015).

A consolidated copy of the Treaties, specifically (1) the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and (2) the Treaty on European Union (TEU), both of which must have been updated through the Treaty of Lisbon (in force since December 1, 2009). You can buy printed copies of these treaties at most bookstores and online. A printed copy can also be bought from the Umeå University Print & Media, located in Förvaltningshuset (the Administration Building), open 08.00-16.00 weekdays except during lunch, 11.30-12.30. The Treaties can also be downloaded free of charge from the website of the European Union: Note: to bring your copy of these Treaties into the final exam you must have “clean” copies, without added notes (though highlighting is OK), so think about that before you buy a version in a book that also includes material which cannot be brought into the exam.

In addition, a number of cases from the Court of Justice of the European Union and possibly other texts will be required reading, as will be indicated on Cambro as the course progresses.

Sidansvarig: Sofia Strömgren


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