Extra re-exam

We offer an extra re-exam on every course (except those ending in June).

The extra re-exam, or "catching-up exam" will take place at the end of August 2018. If you wish to participate in the catching-up exam, you have to register no later than the 24th of June 2018. Registration is mandatory.

Registration for catching-up exam August 2018

Whether a catching-up exam will take place for a course or not is entirely dependent on whether any examinees have registered. Should you become unavailable to take the exam after the final registration date,  please notify us immediately.

The form of the catching-up exam can be changed if the examiner considers it appropriate given the number of examinees.

Time and Place for Catching-Up Exams August 2018 (will be updated again in August )

Courses Date Time Place
T1:1 (law programme) Aug 27 9-15 Östra Paviljongen
T3 (law programme) Aug 28 9-15 Östra Paviljongen
T5 (law programme) Aug 29 9-15 Östra Paviljongen
T6:1 (law programme) Aug 30 9-12 Östra Paviljongen
T1:2 (law programme) Aug 31 9-11 Östra Paviljongen

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