"Catching-Up Exam"

As a student, you have the right to one re-examination and you also have a right to one catching-up exam within a year of the original exam.

The "catching-up exam" will take place during week 34 in August (Aug. 21 to Aug. 26) in Umeå. If you wish to participate in the catching-up exam, you have to register no later than August 6. Registration is mandatory.

Registration for catching-up exam August 2017

Whether a catching-up exam will take place for a course or not is entirely dependent on whether any examinees have registered. Should you become unavailable to take the catching-up exam after the final registration date (August 6),  you should report this immediately.

The form of the catching-up exam can be changed if the examiner considers it appropriate given the number of examinees.

Time and Place for Catching-Up Exams August 2017 (will be updated after August 6)

Courses Date Time Place
Basic EU Law August 21 09-09 Home exam, 24 hours
Introduction to Swedish Law August 22 9-14 (9 am to 2 pm) Eastern Pavilion

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