Student assessment (exam)

Every course is concluded with an exam or any other form of student assessment. The syllabus for each course gives more information about what assessment method will be used.  

Information about exams rules and new routines for written examinations in halls, starting fall 2014.

All students must sign up for the exam and the re-exams! You must register online in Portalen at least 10 working days before the exam takes place. We cannot guarantee a position in the writing hall if you fail to sign up in time.

If no one has signed up on the last registration date the exam will be cancelled.

Students intending to take a written examination with special aids/on special terms due to disabilities, are asked to contact the course administrator for registration and must notify the course administrator no later than three weeks before the examination.

Important — Cancel your registration if you know that you will not be able to write the exam.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact your course administrator!

Course administrator Vanessa Vincentie: 090 – 786 50 86:

Course administrator Sofia Strömgren: 090 – 786 74 19:

Course administrator Katarina Lundqvist: 090 – 786 88 28:

Course administrator Linda Andersson: 090 - 786 68 59:

Retry Exam (Re-Examination)

If you failed your exam or did not have the opportunity to write the regular exam you will get a second chance at the retry exam.

"Catching-Up Exam"

If you failed your re-exam or did not have the opportunity to write it, you will get another chance at the catching-up exam. You have to register for the catching-up exam.

Information about the catching-up exam and registration

Examination at another university

The examination is normally performed at the university where the course is taken (i.e. normally in Umeå). If special circumstances are at hand, a student may apply to sit the exam at another university. Special circumstances are defined as situations that the student cannot influence or control. The student must apply at least one month before the day of the examination. The application should be addressed to the Department of Law.

Application concerning examination at another university