During the Course

Course administration

The Student Services Office is open Monday-Friday 09.00 - 11.30 during the academic term. The Student Services Office is found at the Department of Law, Social Sciences Bulding, level 5.

At the Student Services Office you can get your corrected student assessment (exams) and buy course material.

Course registration

Course registration occurs at the course introduction. If you can't attend at registration you must inform the course administrator if you intend to participate in the course.

Course certificate

Course certificates for finished courses can be created at the Student Portal. You will need a CAS user to create a course certificate.

Course coordinator

Every course has a course coordinator. The course coordinator has the main responsibility for the course, and if you have any questions regarding the course you should primarily turn to the course coordinator.

Course evaluations

Web based course evaluations are carried out at the end of the course.

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Student Counselour: Stefan Lidberg
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Department of Law, Social Sciences building, level 5

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