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My area of research pertains to European employment policy, the flexicurity strategy and the regulation of the Swedish labour market. The research produced has taken both an employer´s and an  employee´s perspective, is based on social constructionist theory and takes an emancipatory approach.

Current research

Guest researcher at Lund University

During the six months from September 1, 2014, I was invited as a guest researcher at Lund University. I will be a part of the research project Elderly Law at the Faculty of Law. My research task in the project governing the legal regime as an opportunity or barrier to employment for older workers, and employers' attitudes to older workers.

Research funds from Forte in 2014

From the year 2014, I have received 1, 7 million in research funding from Forte. The survey will be carried out of workers' right and duty to develop their skills. The research connected with the EU employment policy and the flexicurity strategy.

My current research also concerns flexicurity, which is a European employment policy tool and part of the open coordination method. In these studies I am analysing whether and in what ways various aspects of flexicurity are having an impact on Swedish labour law and the importance that this could have in terms of employee´s employment security.

Previous research

During 2011 and 2012 I have been working on an EU project entitled Study on precarious work and social rights’. The research project is funded by the European Commission, and the project owner is the Working Lives Research Institute, London Metropolitan University. The project involves 11 countries within the EU, each of which is represented by experts in labour law and the labour market.

I am Sweden's legal expert in the project. The work that is being done includes mapping precarious work in the various member states and identifying regulations in the member states that are creating safer jobs. The project also includes an examination of the possibilities that exist in terms of creating a floor of fundamental social rights for all employees in the country, regardless of their employment relationships.

In May 2008 I defended a thesis entitled Priority Right to Reemployment.



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