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My research interest is characterized by the impact of globalization and digitalization on law and the latter's relationship to the emergence of private lawmaking. My research spans different areas of law such as international and comparative private law, intellectual property law, IT law, competition law, data privacy law, and private international law.


Comparative law

Current Research

The Scope of Private Lawmaking

Postdoc project 2015–2016 funded by the Foundation for Jurisprudential Research (Institutet för Rättsvetenskaplig Forskning).

Private lawmaking is emerging in an increasing number of areas. Lex mercatoria, lex sportiva, lex digitalis and EULAw are just a few examples of privately created regulation, often applied by arbitration bodies. This raises a number of questions about the scope of private lawmaking: What are the internal and external demands on private lawmaking? How do common models of private lawmaking relate to this scope? What differences can be found between different models and what can they learn from each other? How can theories of private lawmaking, legal pluralism, and the relationship between private and public lawmaking be established and developed? These are some questions that are examined in this project. 

Past Research

On June 5, 2014, I defended my thesis Realizing the Single Software Market: Cross-National Validity of Software License Agreements. In this doctoral thesis, cross-national validity of certain standard software license agreements is examined as a solution to overcome national differences and improve the emerging single software market. Cross-national validity is mapped, explained, and improved under American and German law. Advisors were associate professor Johan Lindholm, Umeå University, and appellate judge and professor Tom Madell.

The thesis is published by Iustus förlag. For more information and order, contact customer support at Iustus förlag: kundtjanst@iustus.se
Alternatively, the book can also be ordered from Bokus for non-US customers.

During the Fall Semester 2012 I was a visiting student researcher at UC Berkeley, School of Information.

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