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Umeå universitet
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Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 5, Umeå universitet


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My research is mainly within the field Criminal Procedural Law. My defence of my doctoral thesis took place on 13th January, 2012, and my thesis has the title The Access of Criminal Investigators to Documents - A legal study of seizure with search, the obligation of authorities to provide documents and information as well as the obligation to produce written evidence or objects of inspection.

Current Research

The overall aim of my thesis is partly to analyze in what ways Swedish legislation enables criminal investigators to gain access to documents and partly to discuss what means they should have for receiving such objects. This analysis will be carried out through closer study of the legal regulation of seizure combined with the search for objects, public access to official documents, and the obligation of authorities to provide other authorities with information, as well as the obligation to produce written evidence or objects of inspection.

This overall aim can be divided into three sub-aims. Firstly, the thesis aims at analyzing the law regarding the above mentioned sets of rules, in particular the relationship between them. Secondly, the research project aims at – from an overall perspective – at charting and criticizing the balancing of interests that the sets of rules contain as well as the clarity and coherence of these sets of rules. Thirdly, the monograph aims at discussing different alternatives to the present regulation in the light of this critical examination.

Previous Research

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