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I did my dissertation in legal history on conscientious objections in Sweden 1898-1925. Since then, I have done research on victims of homophobic hate crimes and their contacts with the judicial system. My current research project concerns actors of the legal system and the implementation of law-makers view on the rights of crime victims.

Current Research

I am currently working in the research project "The Actors of the Legal System and the Implementation of the Law-makers View on the Rights of Crime Victims". The aim of the project is to study how legislation relevant for crime victims’ rights is implemented in the day-to-day work of the police and prosecutors. How do legal authorities prioritize between different groups of crime victims, do the prioritizations correspond with anti-discrimination policy, and how is the actual work with implementing the intentions of the legislation carried out?

The research project is financed by Brottsofferfonden (The Crime Victim Fund) during the period of 2008-2010.

Previous Research

I did my dissertation in legal history on conscientious objections in Sweden 1898-1925. In my dissertation I discuss the legal limits of freedom of conscience in the context of conscientious objection, and also the construction of masculinity in this military or anti-military context. The thesis was presented at the Faculty of Law in Uppsala in 2002.

During 2003-2007 my research concerned the heteronormativity of law and legal practice. I was especially interested in how victims of homophobic hate crime were dealt with when they came into contact with the legal system. The research project "Heteronormative Structures in the Judicial System" was financed by Kempestiftelserna.

During the same period, 2003-2007, I was the project manager for the research project "Victims of Crime in the Judicial System" at the Department of Law. The research project has eight participants, four senior researchers and four doctoral students and among the research themes were violence against women and children, economical consequences of crime and GLBTQ-persons as victims of crime.

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