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Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 5, Umeå universitet


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My research revolves around the implementation of international law in national systems, transnational crime and victimization issues.

Current Research

As of Octobre 2015 I am part of an EU project called "The Life Cycle of a Hate Crime". The project consists of a comparison of five EU countries regarding how the judicial system in each country deals with hate crime issues, both in legislation and in courts.

Other research concerns the legal implications for vulnerable migrants exploited in forced labor, primarily begging. What international obligations has Sweden committed itself to, how have these been implemented in legislation and how has it been applied? As part of this research I collaborate with researchers at the Law School, Flinders Univeristy, South Australia. The partnership has a clear comparative touch to detect and analyze differences and similarities between how victims of trafficking are being identified and defined in Sweden and Australia.

Previous Research

I completed my PhD and defended my thesis "Legal action against trafficking in human beings - to protect victims or face the threat"  in 2014. The thesis deals with international instruments on human trafficking from two protected areas, the State and the victim. This is to examine how Sweden has chosen to resolve the question of incorporation into Swedish law. In the thesis, I assume that there is a balance of interests between the security threats trafficking may involve as part of prostitution, illegal migration and organized crime and the protection of the victims when international instruments on human trafficking is being implemented in to national law. The thesis has a pronounced victim's perspective, where the starting point lies in international law.

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