Law, Welfare and the Labour Market

The research theme Law and the Labour Market engage five researchers at the Department of Law. Both "collective labour law" (co-determination, collective bargaining and more) as well as regulations concerning the employment contract (employment security, the employer’s right to lead and distribute work, priority order at dismissals and re-employment and more) are dealt with.

The impact from international labour law and especially EC law is obvious, and many research projects involve topics regarding the application of the principle of equal treatment, discrimination and individual rights. In the following the researchers and some of the ongoing projects are introduced in short.

Anderz Andersson is doing a project that concerns the employer’s right to transfer the employee to other duties within the employee’s duty to work in accordance with the employment contract.

Ruth Mannelqvist is specialised in social security law (see her website).

Örjan Edström is working on the project "From collective rights to equal treatment and individual rights in working life". The project deals with the impact from EC law on the Swedish national labour law.

Two other projects are "The recognition of professional qualifications within the European Union" conducted by Staffan Ingmanson, and the project "The priority right to re-employment" carried out by Carin Ulander Wänman.

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