Doctoral Studies in Law

Are you interested in creating new legal knowledge? Our doctoral studies might then be of interest.

The research conducted at Department of Law is primarily divided into eight major areas or research themes, but a lot of research is also conducted outside these themes. Read more about our research here.

If you are interested in doctoral studies at Department of Law, please read more about doctoral studies at Umeå University. Open positions for doctoral studentships are presented at Umeå University's page for employment opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding doctoral studies, please contact Johan Lindholm, Head of Doctoral Studies at Department of Law.

Recent dissertations at the Department of Law: Caroline Wehlander "Who is Afraid of SGEI?", Ann-Sofie Henrikson "Överskuldsatt och skyldig", Jan Leidö "Realizing the Single Software Market" and Rikard Karlsson "Samverkan och sekretess".

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