Welcome to the course International Law and Human Rights!

I am very excited to welcome you to the course International Law and Human Rights spring semester 2018. The aim of this course is to analyze the status of human rights in an international context and through national implementation. The protection of human rights through international conventions will be discussed in relation to current situations, together with a critical analysis of the discourse of rights. The universality of human rights and the individual’s interest contra certain group interests are two specific aspects that will be problematized throughout the course.

The first class for the spring semester of 2018 will be on Monday the 15th of January, in s 302, at 9.15. The registration will also take place at this first lecture, so it is very important that everyone is present. If you cannot attend at this part of the course you must contact us and let us know or you will lose your chance to take this course.  

You will find the preliminary schedule for the entire course on the open website.

You will find more and specific information on the course website here on Cambro. It is very important that you regularly visit the Cambro site as seminars may be moved, topics changed and other last-minute adjustments made as the course progresses. Mandatory readings for each seminar will be posted here on the Cambro site as well at least one week before each seminar. You are expected to have read the relevant readings before the respective seminar and handed in papers for some of the seminars. 

Please note that active participation in all seminars is mandatory except when the schedule explicitly says otherwise. Also be mindful that invited lecturers may have travelled long distances and undertaken careful preparations for your benefit. 

In the end of the course, you will take a two day home exam. Further instructions will be provided in class and here at the Cambro website. 

In matters regarding the schedule, syllabus, readings etc., please contact the head of the course, Fanny Holm, at fanny.holm@umu.se or by phone number 090-786 77 11. In administrative matters please contact course secretary Katarina Lundqvist on phone number 090-786 88 28, or mail katarina.lundqvist@umu.se 

Once again welcome!

Fanny Holm

Page Editor: Sofia Strömgren

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Course DescriptionApplication InformationSyllabusThe above syllabus also applies when the course is taken as a part of the Master of Law-programme, except that the grading scale for the Master of Law-programme is used.

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