Courses in Law

Below are the courses we offer in English.

Courses - Basic Level

Basic Course in Law, 15 Credits
Introduction to Swedish Law, 7.5 Credits
Basic EU Law, 7.5 Credits

Comparative Law, 7.5 Credits

Victimology, 15.0 Credits

Courses - Intermediate Level

Courses - Advanced Level

EU Constitutional Law, 15.0 Credits
International Commercial Arbitration, 15.0 Credits
International Law and Human Rights, 15.0 Credits
International Sports Law
Legal Challenges in the Digital Community, 15.0 Credits
Rule of Law and International Organisations, 15.0 Credits
Transnational Law and Institutions, 15.0 Credits

Before applying to a course, see information for international students and exchange students. There you will find information about the application process, tution and funding. Please note that the application procedure will differ whether you are an exchange student or an international student