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About Me

I recieved my Master of Law (LL.M.) at Umeå University in 2001, but I have also studied law at the University of Mississippi School of Law. I began working at the Department of Law in 2002 as a doctoral student. I received my Doctor of Law (LL.D.) in June 2007. I have also been active as a visiting scholar at the University of Virginia. I was appointed to a permanent position as senior lecturer in law 2008, became an associate professor in 2013 and became a professor in 2015.

Within Umeå University I am also active in two transdisciplinary research centers, Umeå School of Sport Sciences (USSS) and DIGSUM. I am also part of the steering group for the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies (SNELS) (SNEF) and the Nordic Network of Legal Empirical Scholars (NoLesLaw). I am also the Editor-in-Chief for the International Sports Law Journal and on the Editorial Board of Europarättslig Tidsskrift (ERT).


I primarily teach European Union law, comparative law, sports law, and private international law. Besides teaching at Umeå University, I have been a guest lecturer at several institutions, including National University of Laos, Anglia Ruskin University, and University of Iceland.


My research, current and previous, mainly centers around European Uion law and and sports law. I am mainly interested in the constitutional aspects of these areas and I frequently apply comparative metods and various empirical methods in my research.

EU Law

My research in EU law has thus far primarily concerned the constitutional aspects of EU law and especially the impact of EU law on national courts and national court proceedings. Prominent in this category of research is my disseration, State Enforcement of Union Rights (2002-2007). This project consisted of a comparation between, on one hand, the demands of EU law on procedure in national courts when a national court applies substantive EU law and, on the other, the requirements that federal US law makes of similar proceedings in state courts.

I am precently running two larger research projects together with my colleague  Mattias Derlén. The overall aim of the first project, The European Court of Justice's case law and its importance as a source of law (2012-2014), is to explore how CJEU judgments are used as a source of law in subsequent cases. The second project, Case law as a source of law (2014–2016), seeks to empirically establish to how and to what extent judgments are used as a soruce of law in Swedish Law.

Sports Law

Legal aspects of sports in general and the impact of EU law on sports has interested me since 2007. This has resulted in indvidual publications concerning the relationship between EU law and sports. I have previously conducted a large research project in sports law entitled Doping, an issue for the legislator? (2009–2012) which aimed to explore who regulates doping, when, and why. The results of the project are primarily reported in the book Doping, idrottsligt fusk eller rättslig angelägenhet?.

Besides that project I have also done other research in the field, primarily regarding the application of competition law to sports. I have also written a textbook in sports law, Idrottsjuridik.

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