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Professor Per Bergling has a Ph.D. in Law (Legal Reform and Private Enterprise, 1999) and several publications in International Law, Human Rights Law and Rule of Law, including "Rule of Law on the International Agenda", Intersentia: Antwerpen and Oxford, 2006.

Before joining the Department of Law, Bergling worked for international and regional organizations as expert advisor in the areas of international law and rule of law, including two years as Rule of Law Advisor with the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the international agency overseeing the implementation of the Dayton Agreement and its annexes. In this capacity, Bergling was responsible for formulating policies and strategies for OHR’s judicial reform and rule of law activities, including the development of the Comprehensive Judicial Reform Strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bergling spent the academic year of 2004 with the University of Washington School of Law as Garvey, Schubert and Barer Visiting Professor of Asian Law. Bergling has been on visitorships and acedemic exachanges with the University of California at Berkeley, USA, and Hokkaido Information University, Japan.


Bergling has developed and teaches the interdisciplinary university courses "Rule of Law and International Organizations" and "Comparative Law and Legal Cultures".

The course Rule of Law and International Organizations highlights a number of key issues in rebuilding and reforming legal and judicial structures in transition, development and post-crisis states, e.g. the role of law for economic recovery, peace and security, democratization, and reconciliation, as well the prospects of successfully using international and foreign concepts as "models" in this effort. The course also discusses international assistance efforts in the field of law, including how projects are identified, formulated, implemented and evaluated.

The course Comparative Law and Legal Cultures provides an introduction to the principal legal systems of the world (e.g. continental European civil law, common law, Chinese and East Asian Law, Islamic Law), including their historical origins, development and basic institutional contrasts. The course also introduces and discusses the most common comparative legal methods, their applications in practice, and their conceptual and practical limitations.

Bergling teaches and examines the Public International Law Component on the sixth semester of the Law Programme.


Bergling's research focuses on international and national ideologies, concepts and approaches to legal (rule of law) and security sector reform in developing, transition and post-crisis environements; anti-corruption; and Asian comparative law.

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