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The study of law is the study of legal rules in society and their adoption, content and application. Constantly changing, legal rules govern private as well as public action. Thus, law is always relevant and knowledge of the law is always in high demand.

The Department of Law offer one of the most modern legal educations in Sweden, where the student's own learning and development is fundamental. We perform legal research in a variety of legal areas, and because our researchers participate in teaching, current research becomes an integral part of the education. The department educates law students in smaller groups than other universities and we can therefore let our students develop in an intimate environment. 

New Master's Programme starting fall of 2018

A new international master's programme in constitutional law and human rights will be offered at the Department of Law this fall. Senior lecturer Markus Naarttijärvi identifies a need for a programme on this theme and is hoping on a mix of viewpoints and experiences that will benefit both Swedish and international students.

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Department of Law celebrated 40 years

The Swedish Minister for Public Administration, Ardalan Shekarabi, was one of the guest speakers when the Department of Law at Umeå University celebrated 40 years in November 0f 2017. The programme also offered lectures held by the researchers at the department and a moot court held by students. Lawyers, present and former students and researchers from other departments at the university were among the guests.


New Publications



Year sorteringsordning


Perry, Elizabeth

Evidence-Based and Politics-Driven: Comparing Child Support Law Evaluations Across Welfare-State Models (forthcoming)



Mannelqvist, Ruth

Sjukförsäkring i omvandling: från solidaritet till begränsning



Naarttijärvi, Markus

Balancing data protection and privacy: The case of information security sensor systems
The Computer Law and Security Review, 34(5): 1019-1038



Hallström, Pär

Området för EU:s exklusiva kompetens på det handelspolitiska området (yttrandet 2/15, frihandelsområdet EU/Singapore [EUSFTA])
Europarättslig tidskrift



Mannelqvist, Ruth

HFD 2017 ref. 30: Nytt eller fortsatt försäkringsfall
Förvaltningsrättslig Tidskrift



Lindholm, Johan

The First Annual International Sports Law Journal conference
International sports law journal, 17(3-4): 117-118



Ulander-Wänman, Carin
Larsson, Karin
Renkel, Peter

Yrkesarbetare behöver få chans till utveckling
Svenska Dagbladet



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International students give Umeå University top marks

Umeå university receives top marks by international students. This is the result of the 2017 International Student Barometer (ISB).

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