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The study of law is the study of legal rules in society and their adoption, content and application. Constantly changing, legal rules govern private as well as public action. Thus, law is always relevant and knowledge of the law is always in high demand.

The Department of Law offer one of the most modern legal educations in Sweden, where the student's own learning and development is fundamental. We perform legal research in a variety of legal areas, and because our researchers participate in teaching, current research becomes an integral part of the education. The department educates law students in smaller groups than other universities and we can therefore let our students develop in an intimate environment. 

Three new courses on advanced level

The Department of Law will offer three new courses on advanced level during the upcoming study year (2016/17).

Transnational Law and Institutions, 15.0 credits, autumn term 2016.
International Sports Law, 15.0 credits, spring term 2017.
International Commercial Arbitration, 15.0 credits, spring term 2017.

For more information, please follow the link to the respective course.

Honorary doctor visited colleagues in Umeå

Professor Rick Sarre has been rewarded an Honorary doctorate of Law at Umeå University. He will participate in the Annual Celebration at the university and was welcomed to Umeå by the Department of Law.

Professor Rick Sarre, Adelaide,
and professor Johan Lindholm, Umeå University.

Rick Sarre, Professor of Law at the University of South Australia in Adelaide has for many years collaborated with Umeå University and spent the autumn semester of 2004 as guest professor at the Department of Law. The conferment of this years honorary doctorates will take place at the university's Annual Celebration on October 17. The new professors at the university, including Johan Lindholm at the Department of Law, will also be installed at the Celebration.


Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Rick Sarre, renowned researcher in the field of criminology with a great involvement in civic engagement and Professor Philomena Essed, gender researcher fighting for social justice and raising awareness of racial discrimination, have been appointed honorary doctors at the Faculty of Socia...

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Granström, Görel

Hatbrott och kön. En omöjlig kombination?



Lindholm, Johan

Can I Please Have a Slice of Ronaldo?: The Legality of FIFA's ban on Third-Party Ownership under European Union Law
The International Sports Law Journal, 15(3-4): 137-148



Henrikson, Ann-Sofie

Överskuldsatt och skyldig: en rättsvetenskaplig analys av konsumentskyddet mot överskuldsättning



Mannelqvist, Ruth
Karlsson, Berndt
Järvholm, Bengt

Arbete och arbetsmarknad i sjukförsäkringen



Granström, Görel
Mellgren, Caroline
Tiby, Eva

Hatbrott? En introduktion



Enarsson, Therese
Naarttijärvi, Markus

Is it all part of the game?: Victim differentiation and the normative protection of victims of online antagonism under the European Convention on Human Rights
International Review of Victimology, 22(2)



Derlén, Mattias
Lindholm, Johan

Judiciell aktivism eller prejudikatbildning?: En empirisk granskning av Högsta domstolen
Svensk Juristtidning



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Most satisfied international students in Sweden

International students at Umeå University are the most satisfied in Sweden with their overall experience for the fourth consecutive year, according to the latest International Student Barometer survey.

Umeå University is also highly recommend by the survey respondents. 91% would recommend people to apply to Umeå University.

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Hanna Rowland, a student at Anglia Ruskin University, talks about her positive stay in Umeå and the Department of Law.

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