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The study of law is the study of legal rules in society and their adoption, content and application. Constantly changing, legal rules govern private as well as public action. Thus, law is always relevant and knowledge of the law is always in high demand.

The Department of Law offer one of the most modern legal educations in Sweden, where the student's own learning and development is fundamental. We perform legal research in a variety of legal areas, and because our researchers participate in teaching, current research becomes an integral part of the education. The department educates law students in smaller groups than other universities and we can therefore let our students develop in an intimate environment. 

Professor assigned editorship

Professor Johan Lindholm is new editor-in-chief for The International Sports Law Journal (ISLJ).

Johan Lindholm's research and teaching, current and previous, mainly centers around European Union law and and sports law. His previous resarch in the field of sports law includes a large research project entitled Doping, an issue for the legislator? and a textbook in sports law, Idrottsjuridik.

Link to International Sports Law Journal

Upcoming spring semester

The spring semester of 2017 begins on the 16th of January. For opening hours at the Student Services Office, please see link in the right hand column.

Asanya Latoya Samuda studied at the Department of Law during the spring semester of 2016. Read an interview about her time in Umeå here:

Student interview Asanya Latoya Samuda


New Research Council grants worth SEK 152 million

The Swedish Research Council distributes SEK 152 million to 42 research projects at Umeå University in the arts and humanities, social sciences, medicine and health, natural sciences and technology, as well as educational science.

Researchers invited to Nordic Book Fair

Görel Granström, Therese Enarsson and Karin Åström, senior lecturers at the Department of Law, will participate at the annual Göteborg Book Fair this fall and discuss their research regarding victims of crime, academic freedom of speech and harassment and threats online.

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New Publications



Year sorteringsordning


Derlén, Mattias
Lindholm, Johan

Peek-A-Boo, It’s a Case Law System! Comparing the European Court of Justice and the United States Supreme Court from a Network Perspective
German Law Journal, 18(3): 647-686



Hästbacka, Rasmus

Europeiska företagsråd i svenska koncerner: en rättsvetenskaplig studie av EWC-regleringens betydelse för arbetstagarinflytande och styrning av multinationella koncerner



Brännström, Malin

Skogsbruk och renskötsel på samma mark: En rättsvetenskaplig studie av äganderätten och renskötselrätten



Ingmanson, Staffan
Edström, Örjan
Mannelqvist, Ruth

EU-rätten och en öppnare arbetsmarknad – arbetssökande EU-medborgares rätt till åtgärder och stöd inom jobbgarantierna, IFAU-rapport 2017:2



Hjertstedt, Mattias

Samtyckets betydelse vid polisiära åtgärder som motsvarar kroppsvisitationer och kroppsbesiktningar: Del I: samtyckesgärning och rättsliga hinder
Juridisk Tidskrift



Henrikson, Ann-Sofie

Konsumentskyddet mot överskuldsättning: skydd för svagare part eller för rationellt agerande aktör?
Insolvensrättslig tidskrift



Ingmanson, Staffan
Edström, Örjan

Unga arbetssökande EU-medborgares rätt till svenska arbetsmarknadsåtgärder – särskilt jobbgarantin för ungdomar



International students give Umeå University top marks

The results of the 2016 International Student Barometer (ISB) are evident – yet again Umeå University receives top marks by international students. ISB is a survey measuring student satisfaction regarding studies and everyday life at the University and in the city they live.

Read more about the survey results